A month since the last blog update to the day, I am nothing if not occasionally punctual. I have been working on a slight design change as currently I don't think that my site works well on a functional level. I have a sidebar on every page but it serves almost no purpose . I've made a new version which contains the links from the homepage to make navigating around slightly easier and have worked on a new homepage. I also am replacing the jackdaw with a new one which fits in slightly better with the current aesthetic I am going for. Sadly all this means that I'm going to have to lose the plant pot links which I think were one of the more interesting things I had done on this site, but hopefully I can reuse that concept somewhere else at a later date. Anyway I'm almost done with all the redesign so that should all be up soon. See you later 🐌


Sorry for the lack of stuff around here, I've been fairly busy. I've just spent some time putting some stuff in place for something to do next month if all goes well! I have some other plans too but they will have to wait for a bit sadly. In other news it truly feels like spring now. The swifts are back suprisingly early and there is a decent amount of sun for the first time in ages! Also, the Dyfi osprey chicks should hatch soon (from about the 18th) so there is that to look forward to. Hopefully it shouldn't be as long until the next update, bye for now 🌿


I've worked out what I want to do with this blog! I'm going to try to post about any projects I'm working on (mainly crafts atm) and maybe about current interests that aren't significant enough to have their own page. I can't promise I will post massively often but I will definitely try to. It will be nice to try and document all the stuff I'm up to at least. I'm fairly busy atm, but hopefully I should manage have some other posts up on here soon.