Rearranged a bit. There is a new jackdaw now too.


Updated the ribbon, I'm trying to be more seasonal.


Updated for the first time in a while! It doesn't look like much but I've made a banner I can add to the page; I'm hoping to use it for something soon. Also added the little sticker at the footer which was suprisingly difficult...


Over the past few days I've changed out the fonts, changed the footer design and made the blog page. It isn't a whole lot but it took quite a while for some reason. I think I'm fairly content with the design now though so it should stay the same for a while.


Forgot to add this but I added a letter writing thing to the interests page a few days ago. A bit busy atm, probably no updates until I have a bit more time.


Did a bit of a recolour. Much more blue on my site now. An improvement? Idk...


I haven't actually added any content but I've done a minor redesign (adding the potted plant links and changing the spacing). Also added a link to a blog that doesn't exist yet but hopefully will soon.


The new version is live! I hope it displays ok, for some reason on the preview the grid spacing doesn't show up but it looks fine on my screen. Oh well.


The site is actually ready to put up. There isn't too much up on here at the moment but I have a lot of ideas (for when I actually have time), keep an eye on this space!


Starting to get more of an idea of what to put on here so just working on that. I'm also thinking why did I make this an iframe but idk it seemed like a good idea at the time. Anyway, lots more stuff to do but I'm making progress!


Corvidae v 2 is nearly there. I'm not sure if this version is "better" but I do prefer the style of it. I think it's quite gaudy but that is the vibe I was going for. Also, I think it should display better on a variety of screens than the old version. I went big on grids this time, I imagine that that is wrong but it's worked well for me so far. Anyway, now just to add content.